Turtlebot 2

Turtlebot 2

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 NOTE: We have a 2-3 week lead time for Turtlebot 2 kits starting February 1st, 2021. Please email us if you have any questions.

"TurtleBot 2 is an open robotics platform designed for education and research on state of art robotics. It is also a powerful  tool to teach and learn ROS (Robot Operating System) and make the most of this cutting edge techonology. Equiped with a 3D sensor, it can map and navigate indoor enviroments. The 3D perception, together with the TurtleBot arm, enables manipulation tasks."

In this kit:

  • 1x iClebo Kobuki
  • 1x Kobuki Docking Station
  • 1x Kobuki 2200mAh battery
  • 1x 3D Sensor (Orbec Astra, Microsoft Kinect (limited) upon request)
  • 1x Turtlebot 2 Plate Kit
  • 1x Turtlebot 2 Standoff Kit
  • 1x Turtlebot 2 Small Parts Kit
  • 1x Laptop (specifications may vary, please email us for details)
  • 1x ROS Ubuntu USB flash drive
  • Various cables for connecting the laptop to the Kinect and the Kobuki

* This kit does not include the 200g counter weights.

Lenovo 11e
11.6" display
Intel N2940 (4C, 1.8GHz, 2MB) Quad-Core Processor 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz Memory 500GB 7200rpm Hard Drive Ubuntu 14.04 with ROS Indigo
Lenovo x260
12.5" display
Intel i5-6200U (2c4t, 2.30GHz, 3MB) Dual-Core Processor
8GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
500GB HDD 7200RPM (Upgrade to a 500GB SSD available from us for an additional $200, please email us)
Ubuntu 14.04 with ROS Indigo

Orbbec Astra

    165 x 30 x 40 mm
    0.3 kg
    0.6 – 8m (Optimal 0.6 – 5.0m)
Depth Image Size
    640*480 (VGA) 16bit @ 30FPS
    320*240 (QVGA) 16bit @ 30FPS
    160*120 (QQVGA) 16bit @ 30FPS
RGB Image Size
    1280*960 @ 10FPS
    640*480 @ 30FPS
    320*240 @ 30FPS
Field of View
    60° horiz x 49.5° vert. (73° diagonal)
Data Interface
    USB 2.0
Operating Systems
    Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Android
    USB 2.0
    Astra SDK or OpenNI 2 or 3rd Party SDK