TeraRanger One

TeraRanger One

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TeraRanger One is the most advanced distance sensor for robotics. For crosstalk avoidance in multiple robot environments two versions of the sensor are available, type A and type B, which can operate simultaneously without affecting each other’s reading. Sensors A and B performance are very similar. We prefer A for indoor environments and B for outdoor as the latter is more stable in direct sunlight.

Type A is available in Spider and Box designs. Type B is available in Frame and Box design.

(Please note, post-sales technical support can only be provided to customers with a TeraRanger USB Adapter.)

– Principle: Time-of-Flight

– Range: Up to 14m (At least 5 to 6m in sunlight)
– Update rate: 1000Hz in fast mode (up to 600Hz in precision mode)
– Range resolution: 0.5cm
– Accuracy: up to ± 4cm in precision mode
– Field of view: 3°
– Supply voltage: 12V DC recommended (10-20V DC accepted)
– Supply current: 50mA average (110mA peak @12V)

Design, Dimensions and Weight:

– Design Options: Spider, Box, Frame
– Size: 35 x 29 x 18mm
– Weight: 8g to 10g depending on external design


– Interface 1: UART, +5V level, up to 115200,8,N,1. (Factory default when shipped)
– Interface 2: TWI (I2C compatible). +5V level.
– Connector: 15 pin DF13 (open-ended cable provided)